Be Well Do Well

This new 8-week course focuses on the essential elements of wellbeing in the Early Years.

Each week includes a balance of knowledge and practical advice, with opportunities throughout for learners to collaborate and reflect on their learning with others.  Each class will also include some gentle movement.

The relationship between physical and mental health in children and adults will be threaded through the course and a range of practical strategies suggested to best manage the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Course content:

What topics will you cover


1. Making kindness your modus operandi

2. The stress factor

3. Friendships

4. Moving is soothing (benefits of movement for our physical and mental health

5. The power of body image

6. Resilience

7. The pleasure of small things- the power of community

8. All about our backs

9. Boundaries and limits

10. Bounding with energy


Learning objectives

By the end of the course you will have:


1. Gained an understanding of how to align personal and professional well-being.

2. Identified the skills and strategies that best support personal and professional well-being.

3. Selected appropriate materials and resources that best support personal and professional well-being.

4.  Identified how to adapt these resources and materials to address the challenges over the lifespan.