A Mini Place of My Own - Discovering the art of Miniature Making

We will be learning about the art of miniature making and explaining how the 1/12th scale, commonly used for dollhouses works. We will be making a miniature room including furniture, accessories and soft furnishings. Each person will be given a completed room box with a common theme to be interpreted individually through decoration. Wooden kits will be provided after discussion on how the space will be decorated Each person will make their own choices within reason regarding fabric for bedding and patterns for paper for wallpaper.

Course content

What topics will you cover

  1. A global / historical perspective on miniatures
  2. scaling for size – how it works
  3. planning the space using graph paper and a “To Do” list
  4. interior design
  5. how to assemble simple furniture
  6. the use of fabric and other materials for accessorising the space

Learning objectives

By the end of the course you will have:

  1. An understanding of miniature work in terms of scaling
  2. planning and expressing how that plan will work
  3. using different materials effectively
  4. teamwork