No Tech Printmaking


Ron Best

Start date:

February 27, 2024

End date:

March 19, 2024




18:30 - 21:00


4 weeks

Max group size:


Full fee: £45

Senior Fee: £23

Concession: £11

Course description 

These playful and uplifting sessions will focus on lowtechprintmaking. You will be introduced to several printmaking techniques and given the space to explore each one. We’re all about play, exploration and trying new things. 


Please bring your own materials (details below) 

Course content: 

What topics will you cover 

  1. Simple plate making & dry point etching 
  1. Image transfer methods using recycled items 
  1. Relief printmaking i.e. Lino printing 
  1. Monoprinting 
  1. Simple image transfer methods i.e. drawing and printmaking 
  1. Explore collage and printmaking 

Learning objectives 

By the end of the course, you will have 


  1. A series of prints using various techniques  
  1. Used everyday objects to create prints  
  1. Learn the value of printing and its possibilities 
  1. Enhanced drawing skills with printmaking 
  1. Using a printing press and other technical processes/equipment 

How will I be taught? What kind of activities will I be doing? 

  • You will understand the various processes and techniques  


  • You will be asked to explore tone, texture, colour in the way of printmaking 


  • Your tutor will provide whole group and individual support. 


  • Your tutor will give group and individual feedback, and you will be encouraged to share your work and your views with the rest of the group 

What will I need to bring? Where can I get this? What do we provide? 

sketch pad, pencils (2B, 3B, 6B) 

You can get these from any local art suppliers. 

Found objects or things that could be used to print an image i.e. leaves, fabric, newspapers magazines 

Apron or cover up – printmaking can be a messy process. 


We will provide tables, printing press, inks, rollers, gloves and some paper 


Will I get feedback? What could I do next? 

Students will develop printmaking technique that they may be able to develop outside of the class for exhibiting their own work or for further study 

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