Entry 2 ESOL Reading skills


Saneeha Noor

Start date:

January 8, 2024

End date:

March 20, 2024


Monday & Wednesdays


09:30am - 12:30pm


10 weeks

What is the course about? 

This course will help your English for everyday life and work. You will develop your reading skills. 

The course will help you read about more interesting subjects and make fewer mistakes so people can understand you, you can understand them and you can read important messages, emails, forms and news stories. 

You will improve your vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. 

Is a pre-enrolment interview or assessment required for this course? 


Yes, you will need to do a pre-course assessment to establish your level of English before enrolling onto the course (unless you have completed the Westway Trust Ascentis ESOL Award in Speaking & Listening: Entry 2 course) 

What level is the course and do I require particular skills, experience or prior qualifications? 


This is an Entry 2 level course.  

This course is good for you if you can already ask and answer some questions on personal information; follow simple instructions and finding information and details in short texts and understanding their general meaning.  

What topics does the course cover? 

You will practise reading in order to prepare for the Ascentis Reading exam.  

You will focus on: 

  • finding information and details in short texts and understanding their general meaning 
  • understand how to use maps, diagrams, and photos to get information. 
  • identify and use common sources of information. 
  • read words with common spelling patterns. 
  • use knowledge of phonics and context to help you read words 
  • use knowledge of phonics and context to help you read words 
  • spelling of everyday words 

How will I be taught and assessed? Will there be any work outside the class? 

The course is classroom based and online. You will learn in a supportive and welcoming environment with an emphasis on your discovering how to do and complete tasks, with guidance from the tutor.  

You will work on your own and with other students on different tasks so you are always practising important in-demand life and work skills such as problem-solving, decision-making, prioritising, negotiating, collaborating and independence. You will learn in a step-by-step manner so you can complete challenging tasks in enjoyable and relaxing ways. Your tutor will also work with you individually so you know how to improve and how to work in a way that improves your learning.  

You will be expected to do homework regularly. At the end of the course, you can take the Ascentis Skills for Life exams covering Reading. 


Are there any other costs or equipment I need to get? 

You will need a pen, some lined A4 paper and a file to keep your work in. Your tutor will provide handouts and worksheets and let you know if there are any other resources that you might need to get. 

What will I achieve? 
By the end of this course, you should be able to:  

  • learn to read a simple map, read timetables and plan journeys; 
  • read texts about local attractions and events; 
  • find the meaning of words using the dictionary 
  • listen for details in short conversations and recordings about everyday topics  
  • pass the Ascentis English ESOL Entry 2 Reading exam  

By the end of the course, what should I be able to do? 

There are few courses you can do after this course. These include:  

  • Entry 2 ESOL Writing skills 
  • Entry 3 ESOL Writing Skills 
  • Becoming confident with digital skills on your computer and online 

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