Business Development Course – Start Up 2024





6pm - 8.30pm


Beginner, Intermediate

This course is ideal for you if you are at the 1st to 3rd year of starting your business and want help with developing the next stepThe sessions will take place on a weekly basis, with a break during the normal school holidays. 

Induction (Session 1)  

Unit 1 – Vision and Mission (Session 2) 


Unit 2 – Money and the dynamics of business (Session 3) 

Follow-up session – Creating individual business plans (Session 4) 


Unit 3 – Branding and marketing (Session 5) 

Follow-up session – Visual merchandising feedback at individual businesses (Session 6) 


Unit 4 – Be your business (Session 7) 

Follow-up on business plan and wellbeing (Session 8) 


Unit 5 – Legality (Session 9) 


Unit 6 – Putting it into practice (Session 10) 


Celebration and Networking event (Final session)  

Participants organise their own networking event and celebrate their achievements! 

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