Exciting Opportunity: Join the Citizen Science Course and Shape the Future!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of an innovative Citizen Science course in collaboration with the Institute for Global Prosperity at University College London. Aimed at individuals passionate about making a positive impact in their community, this course presents a unique opportunity to actively contribute to scientific research while gaining valuable knowledge and experience. Westway Trust is now inviting aspiring citizen scientists to sign up for this transformative program.

Citizen Science, also known as community science, is a groundbreaking approach that empowers everyday people to actively participate in scientific research and data collection. It recognizes the potential of individuals from diverse backgrounds to contribute their skills, knowledge, and curiosity, ultimately fostering a collaborative environment that accelerates scientific discovery. candidates will not only gain a deeper understanding of scientific research but also become active contributors to vital projects with real-world applications.

Westway Trust firmly believes that citizen science has the power to shape the future of our communities. By involving residents in scientific endeavors, the trust aims to foster a sense of ownership and engagement, leading to more informed decision-making processes and innovative solutions to local challenges.

Westway Trust recognizes the importance of supporting individuals who dedicate their time and effort to this program. Not only will participants gain new skills and knowledge, but they will also be fairly compensated for their dedication and commitment at an hourly rate of £11.95

Have questions?

To provide more information about the course and answer any queries potential participants may have, we will be hosting an information drop-in session on 22 May. 

1pm – 3pm at 2 Thorpe Close

5pm – 7pm at 1 Thorpe Close