Tenant Rent Concession Request

Rent Concession Request
We're aware that this has been a particularly difficult time for many of our tenants and under the circumstances will endeavour to help those who have been severely affected by the Government lockdowns and the on-going Covid-19 pandemic.

Unlike many other charities, we're reliant on the income we generate from our assets to fulfil our charitable objectives to be able to support our beneficiaries, for the benefit of the local community and to continue operating our estate.

To enable us to consider a rent concession request further, we require a valid lease to be in-place/pending, and the information and documents referred to in the form below submitted for review. Please make sure all information requested or similar is provided in the first instance.

Prior to submitting your request, you should consider if:
• You are able to pay your rent in full, then you should do so. Legally, rent is payable as per the terms of the lease
• You have taken full advantage of all Government support measures available
• You have had the ability to trade via other means.
Please note that any concession granted will only apply to the rent. Service charges and insurance remain payable in full.

On receipt of your information, we will carry out a review before advising whether we are able to grant a rent concession. As part of the review we will consider:
• The financial position of the business
• Your ability to trade during the lockdowns, between and in the future
• Your rent payment history
• Your compliance with the lease terms

We are guided by the government's Code of Practice for Commercial Property Relationships during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

If you need to discuss any issues in-relation to these matters, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You must provide all the information required in the table below. If you are including separate pages to support the points below, please make sure that you record this in the relevant section of the form.

Tenant Information

Details of your request

Information to support your request

Have you used the Job Retention Scheme? *
Has your business re-open/ed? *
Did you trade by any other means during lockdown such as trading online, providing a takeaway service etc.? *
Did you apply for a Government loan and/or grant? *
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