Bay 20 is the new community space and home of Dale Youth Boxing Club on St Marks Road. It was built by BBC DIY SOS in response to the Grenfell Tower fire. The community space provides new, affordable spaces for local people to use for many years to come as well as a new community cafe.

The space is governed by an independent steering group, who have selected local organisation North Kensington Hearts and Minds to operate the space. Operating expenses will continue to be subsidised by Westway Trust. 

Bay 20 Community Space is now open and accepting bookings! Visit to view availability and rates. 

71 St Mark's Road, London W10 6JG

Phone: 020 3579 0384

Our commitments on Bay 20:

  • The buildings will be for community-use for their entire lifetime.
  • Community access to the spaces and services will be central to the way the buildings are run.
  • Dale Youth Boxing Club will receive an initial 25-year lease on their building.
  • A community steering group will be formed to have oversight of the community space.
  • Community affordability and accessibility will be the driving concerns of any decisions made about the community space.
  • Any money that we receive from Bay 20 will be spent on community activities focused in the Maxilla area.