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Welcome to The Westway Development Trust

Westway Development Trust was formed in the 1970s, to take on the challenge of regenerating and managing derelict land under the A40 flyover, which had sliced through North Kensington. Forty years on, the land has been improved and brought into use, but there is still plenty to do. Needs have changed, buildings have aged and many projects have flourished and grown.

Westway pioneered community ownership for major public assets, even though, in the 1970s, many saw our derelict land as a liability. Social enterprise was the key to unlocking the potential.


Through this enterprise we now earn our own money, using our initiative to generate income, and we use that income to pay for a wide programme of community benefits, as described here on our website.


The community programme we can deliver for our locality, and beyond, is now very substantial, but to preserve and increase this we need to maintain our enterprise, create new income streams, find new initiatives and forge new partnerships; and to continue to use our regeneration as the driving force for growth 


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