Our ambitions

Friday Vintage Market

It is our ambition to improve opportunities and the environment for enterprise and retail, and to showcase community, cultural and sporting activities in our area of benefit together with enhancements to the public realm. Focussing on North Kensington work with local people to harness the creativity, heritage and diversity that makes the area so special, ensure distinctive and attractive spaces that the local community can continue to be proud of, and which will attract customers to local businesses. Our aspirations are split into four areas:

Enterprise & Economic Wellbeing

  • Enable local enterprises and entrepreneurs to thrive
  • Create jobs and apprenticeships
  • Offer training, education and mentoring
  • Encourage visitors to local businesses
  • Create space for enterprise

Health & Wellbeing

  • Getting more people more active more often
  • Enabling healthier behaviours
  • Create new sports and fitness facilities

Arts, Heritage and Community

  • Create space for arts and culture
  • Make grants to support community action
  • Celebrate local heritage and culture
  • Reflect community diversity
  • Support a thriving voluntary sector


  • Involve community in protecting and improving green and open spaces
  • Reduce the effects of pollution
  • Improve the environmental sustainability of the estate